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I come from a strong freelance writing background, focusing on food, travel and culture topics. I have extensive experience understanding what is needed to create engaging copy for a specific audience.

Please contact me at to discuss collaborating together on writing projects.

Here are a few samples of articles I’ve written for various publications.

Freelance Writing

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Bay The Best Farmers’ Markets in the East Bay

Bay The Best Dim Sum Restaurants in the East Bay

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Food Hacks Daily: Carmelized Sugar-Your New Secret Baking Weapon

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Go Overseas: About Studying in Bosnia

Wanderful: When Looks Deceive: Being Biracial in Poland

Guest Blogging

Misadventures With Andi: Best Burmese Food in San Francisco

Candice Does the World: Confessions of a Turkish Breakfast Addict

Go See Write: Top 5 things to do in San Francisco’s Richmond and Sunset Districts

Academic Programs International (API): Returning to Krakow: Coming Full Circle

Go Overseas: About Studying in Bosnia