Staying Healthy On The Road Series: Medication

staying healthy traveling medication

This is the first post of a four-part series that will focus on different aspects of staying healthy on the road. As someone who is known to always carry a mini pharmacy with me when I travel, here are a few tried-and-true tips that I use to battle any ailments that may arise when I’m traveling.

Anyone who has traveled with me knows that I never go anywhere without a packed first aid kit that has something for any ailment that might arise on the road. I’m not sure where this borderline obsession came from, but I’m sure it has something to do with being an excessive worrier and having a mom who worked as a medical professional.

Over the years, I’ve fine-tuned the contents so I’m never left sick and stranded. So without further ado, here’s a peek into my trusty first aid bag.


My stomach is super sensitive and any changes in my diet immediately affect me, especially when I travel. The following items are things that I always have readily available in my purse to make the transition easier.

staying healthy traveling medication

Charcoal pills

I just recently found out about these pills and they are tiny pills of magic for someone like me who has a sensitive stomach. Take one (or two) of these little suckers and any gut ailment from eating that questionable street taco to getting rid of excess gas from overindulging in too much ice cream is cured. Miracle pills I tell you.

Ginger tea

For those times when I don’t want to take medication to soothe an upset stomach, a steaming cup of ginger tea does the trick. Once after a day of non-stop flying to Barcelona, my stomach was feeling the toll and I asked the flight attendant for a cup of hot water and volia this spicy liquid eased all my belly distress.

Enzyme pills

Sometimes I need just a little extra help with digestion and these natural papaya enzyme pills work wonders. Bonus: they’re chewable and taste like candy.

Motion sickness

As I’ve gotten older, movement has not been my friend. Luckily, I’ve found ways to combat any discomfort by taking certain precautions before I’m in transit.

staying healthy traveling medication

Motion sickness bands

Maybe it’s psychological, but I truly believe these acupuncture pressure point bands are gold. They are a great natural alternative to OTC motion sickness meds that can have side effects.


Speaking of motion sickness meds and their inconvenient side effects, I’ve finally found that Bonine doesn’t make you drowsy, like Dramamine does (even the non-drowsy version makes me feel like a zombie). Pro tip: since Bonine lasts 24 hours, take it the night before a trip to ensure you get the maximum benefits.


I am the worst at staying hydrated, despite my dry skin and frequent headaches constantly reminding me to rehydrate. These following things have helped replenish my fluid levels while on the road.

staying healthy traveling medication

Insulated water bottle

I just recently discovered the life-changing effects of an insulated water bottle. Hot beverages that are kept warm for 12 hours and cold beverages for 24 blows my mind. Swell is one of the well-known brands, but there are cheaper options available online from Amazon.

Coconut water powder

I’m not a big fan of plain old water, but I can definitely get behind coconut water. Stashing these packets into my carry-on has revived me on more than one lengthy plane ride.

Electrolyte powder

Inexpensive individual packets that you can pick up at places like Whole Foods or online on Amazon, and taste like you are drinking fruit juice, but with the benefit of added minerals and vitamins.

Immune System

As someone that is prone to chest colds wherever I go, these preventative tips have helped me boost my immune system to fight nasty bugs around the world.

staying healthy traveling medication

Zinc tablets

I seem to always catch a variation of a chest cold when I travel and fighting the germs at the first sign of symptoms with zinc has shortened and sometimes (if I’m quick enough) completely eliminated all of the germs.

Echinacea tea

Along with my excessive first aid kit, I always bring a giant stash of tea with me when I travel (tell me I’m not the only one). Along with my ginger tea and green tea I also carry Echinacea tea as an extra buffer for my immune system.

What’s in your first aid kit? I’m always curious to see what other people swear by…


staying healthy traveling medication

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  • World Journeys

    goof tips! I especially like electrolyte powder. Never leave home without it. Sometimes, I guess though, you are just going to get sick!

    • Thanks! Yeah I just recently discovered electrolyte powder and now don’t leave for a trip without it!