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Adventures and Eats: February 2017

adventures eats february 2017

February is an extra special month around here. Mustafa US anniversary (as we fondly refer to the day he moved to SF from Turkey) is at the beginning of the month and our wedding anniversary is towards the end of the month. Two good reasons to go all out and celebrate the only way we know how: with food and a road trip.

adventures eats february 2017


Trips to Seattle and Sacramento bookended this month. I started this month in the chilly, but stunning Pacific Northwest, where I got to hang out with my friend Adrienne in one of my favorite cities in the US. We had a blast on our girl’s trip despite me arriving with a stubborn chest cold and it raining/snowing most of our visit.

adventures eats february 2017

At the end of the month, Mustafa and I zipped up to California’s capitol in honor of our one-year wedding anniversary (time flies!) and I have to say we didn’t eat a bad meal the entire weekend.

adventures eats february 2017

At the end of the month, we also went down to San Francisco and had free time to wander around in between visits with family and friends. We took in murals in the Mission and foggy views of the Bay at Crissy Field.

adventures eats february 2017

Photo bombed by a husky name Obie.


Teleferic Barcelona (Walnut Creek)

I’ve been eyeing this trendy spot ever since it appeared in downtown, but I was waiting for a special occasion since it was a little on the pricy side. Mustafa’s US anniversary was the perfect moment to celebrate with these delicious tapas and the lively atmosphere.

Adam’s Mediterranean Grill & Café (Oakland)

Since I’ve been living in the East Bay, I’ve gotten to have lunch a few times with my dad in Oakland where he works. He surprised me this time with a place that I would have never found on my own, with delicious kofte that instantly made me nostalgic for Turkey.

adventures eats february 2017

Zachary’s Pizza (Pleasant Hill)

I am quite nostalgic for this place since I used to come here when I was younger whenever we crossed the Bay Bridge. Basically the East Bay was Fairyland theme park and Zachary’s for me as a kid (not a bad misconception, right?). They are famous for their deep dish pizza and have great combos to choose from.

Honda Sushi (Pleasant Hill)

Good sushi out here in the suburbs is hard to come by, but this restaurant in a non-descript strip mall has thankfully proved me wrong. Reasonably priced and the rolls are always on point-jackpot.

adventures eats february 2017

Chinese New Year dinner

To ring in the Year of the Rooster, I made shrimp chive dumplings and we invited friends over to devour them and watch the Chinese New Year’s Parade on TV (worth seeing in SF if you’ve never experienced it).

Veggie Grill (Walnut Creek)

My parents and younger sister came to visit and I convinced them to try this new place in downtown. Everything is meatless, but they still have dishes like buffalo chicken sandwiches and chicken sandwiches that taste like the real thing.

adventures eats february 2017

Rosamunde Sausage Grill (San Francisco)

We met Adrienne’s friend Oliver (who recently relocated to SF) at one of my favorite places in the city for sausages and beer (their selection for both is quite impressive). If it’s a rare sunny day in the city, there’s a patio to take in some sunshine.

Oscar’s Viewing Party

We watched the craziness of this year’s Oscars unfold over homemade pizza (thanks Hala!) and homemade kofte (thanks Mustafa!). For me it was one of the best shows, until that little snafu at the end. Ah well, we all make mistakes, right?

adventures eats february 2017

adventures eats february 2017

How was your February? Where did you go? What did you eat?

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